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Our expertise view help to grow many businesses so we’re called Cut Out Service UK. If we set an example of our image manipulation services then mannequin and neck joint service is on the top. Our common services regards to image processing techniques are clipping path, image masking, image manipulation, photograph retouching, photo enhancement, raster to a vector image, etc. We’re using the highly adaptable technique with the latest Photoshop software.

Cut Out Studio UK

What is Photo Manipulation & how it works?

Altering or modifying any images in different manners is called Image or photo manipulation. There are tons of image manipulation types but here we will discuss basically which are commonly used for e-commerce sites and means of other businesses.

The main perspective of photo manipulation is to create deception or illusion in images. Image manipulation helps to enhance your image and improve the quality as well. Therefore, you can turn an ordinary photo into an extraordinary photo. We do believe image manipulation is more about creativeness rather than technical aspects. Apart from a few neck joint or mannequin services, there is some creative manipulation which required a creative team. Cut Out Service UK has its own dedicated team to deal with that as well.



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    The sectors where photo manipulation works :

    • For product promotion and branding
    • Personal Image Manipulation Service
    • Magazines, Book Covers, Advertisement would be the great scope 
    • Image Manipulation for public events, parties, and weddings
    • Image Manipulation Bring impression widely for industrial business 
    • Showcase the art of photography 

    Our Manipulation Services

    We’re glad to provide a wide range of services to our clients those are:

    • Converting photos to paintings, pencil sketches or cartoons
    • Placing missing persons or adding persons to groups
    • Red-eye editing & changing eye color
    • Replacing the background/object
    • Cropping and Enlarging
    • Adding, removing or replacing objects
    • Removal of spots and wrinkles
    • Adding a watermark to your image
    • Photo Collage Editing
    • Album Design Services
    • Stock Photo Retouching

    Now don’t look back anymore and get a free quote to judge our expertise. Our 24/7 round the clock service is open for you along with customer support. 


    Ability to handle different formats: We are packed with the ability to work with a different format. Our team of photo manipulators has the amazing skills to manipulate and transform images from these level to that level.

    ClippingUK uses high-end photo manipulation software to create unmatched photo outcomes. With us, you don’t have to stress out about not getting quality works, as we ensure the best possible way we can.

    Experience and expertise in the image alteration techniques: Our professional digital manipulation experts are well trained in lighting, retouching, printing, perspective changes, color therapy, aside from photo retouching and image alteration.

    Quality assurance guaranteed:

    Our Company employs effective quality assurance procedures to prove you with high-quality image enhancement services. 

    We offer the best image manipulation services that are including but not limited to:

    • Red-eye editing
    • Background replacement
    • Cropping and Enlarging
    • Removal of jagged edges
    • Adding, removing or replacing objects
    • Removal of spots and wrinkles
    • Adding a watermark to your image
    • Photo Beautification
    • Converting photographs into paintings, sketches or cartoons