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Image Masking Service

Photoshop image masking is an advanced process to hide the specific portion and to reveal any particular image. It is known to be a non-destructive way of image editing. In other words, it helps to tweak the mask which is not necessary. It is an efficient way of creative image manipulation service.

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Why do you need Image Masking?

At first, Masking is a non-destructive method. Hence, one can make changes or fine tune of it. But once anyone removes the unwanted areas it hard to bring those back. Same goes with the cutting out of an image from the object and making a path on them. In addition, including adjacent areas is another tough work. Hence, it would be only possible to apply Image Masking.



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    Types of Image Masking we offer

    Here, you can see three categories of photoshop image masking

    1. Layer Masking

    When anyone talks about masking, it is the type of layer masking refers to them. Our expert designers sit here to hide or to reveal according to your instructions. Again, we can change the opacity out of different portions of your images. With the help of the layer mask, we change layer visibility. Again, it is possible to make completely visible or invisible partially. And, what’s the process to make it transparent? Well, the process is to paint with the black on the mask then those will be transparent. It shows it will be visible the layer’s from beneath.

    Do you want your image to be partially transparent? In that case, we will paint with the grayscale color. It actually depends on the % of grayness that we choose for brushing. For example, if we select a soft one then the transformation would be smoother.

    1. Clipping Mask

    It is a feature of photoshop layer mask enables multiple layers at once. More specifically, the bottom layer sets the outlines for the whole group. Based on your base layer’s content, the upper layers would be affected in specific ways. Our designers place a layer at the bottom of it for clipping mask in order to apply the transparency. So, we can control the visibility of the layer. 

    For the newbie, it would be contradictory between layer mask & clipping mask. Again, it seems to them that the layer mask is working inversely with clipping mask.

    1. Alpha Channel Masking

    You know that every image has it’s individual attributes to cut out for background removal. Therefore, different methods are applied again, different images require different methods too. We’ve told you the above two types of masking which easier then alpha channel masking. In the case of masking the hair and furry objects, designers need to give a lot of time and effort. Selecting those areas and using different brushes is pretty hard. When the background and the object have a good amount of contrast things become easy for masking.

    Let’s narrow down a few different tasks of Image Masking below:

    Modification of specific area Instead of modifying the whole area you may need to modify a specific place of an object. For instance, you want to change the color of cuffs of a shirt, in that case, image masking is required. Our ClippingUk designers make a mask by creating that place visible. Apart from it, there are many types of modifications are possible such as color/brightness/contrast adjustment, exposure correction.


    Hiding and Showing 

    The common and simple work of image masking is to hide a specific area and to show a portion of your images. In addition, we can give a transition effect when we will use the soft brush for masking. At the same time, we can also take control of the transparencies in your images for example, we can adjust between gloomy sky to shiny sky. Again, using the gray color bruising tool, we can brighten up the dimmer places of the sky and make it brighter.

    Image Masking for collage images

    Image masking for collage images is another popular type of work. When you need to two images come together in one image hence image masking is required. But why we do that? Actually, bringing two images in one image is not as simple as it hears to your ear. Therefore, our designers need to hide some portion and make visible the other and finally bring it together setting up an accurate.

    We use the latest Photoshop techniques such as using the soft brushes and gradients of gray for this type of work.

    ClippingUK is eager to work with you by holding your hand and grow together. Feel free, if you have any query from us and the best thing would be getting a free quote.