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To whom Cut Out Studio Uk provide service?

People who are involved with advertising, photography business, designing the e-commerce business mostly require this service. The market of clipping service is expanding as more and more business come to digital marketing and online store. But the quality service is not that much up to the mark in comparison with the expansion rate.

We provide our service to Photographers, Studio owners, Catalog companies, Advertising agency, Web developers, Graphic agency, Newspaper, Online store, and printing houses.



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    Clipping Path Service

    Clipping Path Service is the booming service, especially for the photography business. The clipping service refers to cutting out a 2D image within a closed vector path. We make sure this service by an image editing software called “Adobe Photoshop”. The whole job was done the pen tool in order to cut out the specific region of your image.

    What is the specialty of the clipping path service? Yes, by clipping path service we can select the specific paths inside and can omit the outside paths. Therefore, you will have an option to showcase your product or any other object.

    Clipping path is basically for versatile usage whether it comes to background removing, photo retouching, color-path, color correction or any types of photo editing service.

    Types of Clipping Path Service

    We know the basic of clipping services are the same but it has some distinctive variations. The variation comes with complexity and quality so let’s discuss it below.

    Basic Clipping Path Service

    This type of clipping service is a very frequent and common one. The main reason for this clipping path is to remove the background from an image which is considered to be inappropriate. Again, there would be some other purposes for which the clipping path is provided. Above all, the categorization of the clipping path depends on the variation of work.

    Here are a few types of basic clipping that we provide:

    > Square, Round or basic curved shapes
    > Require less effort and time
    > Easy to generate a bulk amount of clipping
    > Products like egg, ball, book, ring, bottle, and plate

    Compound Clipping Path Service

    This type of clipping service is more difficult in comparison with the basic clipping service. For example, it contains more curves and holes which is required to do clipping. You can imagine the jewelry product, which has so many holes and corners. It takes more time to create paths around the product.

    Complex or High-End Clipping Path Service

    This type of clipping path is the advanced one and takes more time and skill. We, do have an experienced team to manage this service, who has been doing this for many years. The complexity of this job is beyond imagination that a whole big team can work on any single image for clipping.

    What could be the example of Complex or high-end clipping service? Imagine a whole football team where more   10 people over there. A team of designers requires to cut out each and every one of that team and make many changes.

    It could be background removal, create a multi-color path, dust removal from the image, and clipping around the tiny holes and curves. Moreover, the number of the object comes to an image for clipping the more complex it would be.

    Types of Complex Clipping Path Service

    I’ve already told you about the variety of clipping path service. In terms of complex clipping path, there would be few more. We’re so proud that we are capable of any complex clipping below here

    Multi Clipping with a color correction

    When it requires to change any portion of an object, especially garment products, multi clipping service is the first choice. Even if, by doing so, one can change many areas of different edges or corners of any clothes. This type of work is really time-consuming and need an expert hand as well.

    Clipping path Service with flatness

    Another type of complex clipping is clipping flatness services. This will change the rough edges of an image and make it smoother one. More specifically, this type of clipping is measured from the closeness of the path with the image edges. We can assure you that, our service provides the exact measurement and does not exceed. Hence, we are capable of delivering the smooth clipping path service even after cutting out the rough edges.

    Our Clipping Path Service for Shadow making

    As you know about photography, you must know that how photographer experience with shadows, after taking any photo. In the case of product photography, this type of shadow needs to remove so the audience can see the highlighted image. Don’t forget that, one thing is must, that is natural shadow however, it doesn’t reflect on the product directly, and is called drop shadow. We keep it normal as it was and remove the unwanted shadows.

    So, this is all about our services regarding Clipping Path. We, the image editing company “Cut Out Studio UK” has an experienced team to provide you the best clipping service. We want you to judge us with your sample images as a free trial, and get started with us. With your guideline, we can give you your desired clipping output.